Changing Values in the Machine ID
Posted by on 31 October 2019 04:51 pm

Changing Values in the Machine ID:
1. Locate your post folder.
2. Double click on the Machine ID file for the post you wish to change values on.
3. Select the Machine Definition TAB
4. Under the Devices Option select Spindle and click on the + next to the Axes Item
5. Click on all the + symbols to open the tree and display the axis chain.
Changing the Max Spindle Speed:

1. Select Spindle and in the Right hand pane under Max Spin change the value to the new value.

Change Max Rapid Feed and Max Working FEED

Repeat for each axis that you wish to change. Save the file and exit the application.

Restart SolidWorks/Inventor and open a SolidCAM/InventorCAM part. Open the Machine ID and check that the values have changed.

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