Enabling students to practice SolidCAM at home
Posted by on 31 October 2019 04:39 pm

Enabling students to practice SolidCAM at home

In-order to maximize the effect of selling to the education market, SolidCAM needs to provide universities and schools the ability to give students a version that they can use to practice at home.
Currently, SolidCAM is providing a “Demo version” that can be installed at any computer with no time limit. This version does not have the ability to generate g-code, which protects it from being abused by industry customers.
What is the limitation of the Demo version?
Parts created in Regular or Education version Can be opened in the “Demo” version, but then are converted to “Demo format” and cannot be brought back to the Regular or Education version.
Parts created in Demo version Cannot be opened in Regular or Education version

Solution for the above limitation
Parts created in SolidCAM Demo version cannot be opened in the “Education” version, and this makes it impossible for students to create a part at home, and then open it in the classroom with the Education version.
The solution that SolidCAM provides to this issue is to install one “Demo” version at the computer of the teacher and at each computer where students work at school, and then the teacher or students can read the Demo parts prepared by the students at home.
At each computer in the classroom, the teacher or student can switch back and forth between the Demo and Educational version.
Obviously if the student want to create Gcode and send it to a CNC machine in school, then he has to redo the Part in school, using the Education version (extra practice!).

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