Installing a Cimco network license
Posted by on 31 October 2019 04:47 pm

Installing cimco server key file.
The only location the licence.key file should be installed in is C:\CIMCO\LicenseServer. The
licence.key should NOT be installed on any clients. If it has been installed then you will have to
manually delete the .key file from each client PC and also from C:\CIMCO\DNCMax6 on the
DNC-Max server
Log onto the server where you are going to install the Cimco license server. Copy the cimco key
file to the desktop of the server. Start the Cimco installation program. Now follow the instructions
on the screen. On the Select Components page you must select the CIMCO Network License
Server. When the installation is completed, you will find a shortcut to the license server console
in the CIMCO Software program group in the Start menu
Run the Cimco Network License Server and click on the select key file button. Browse to the
key file copied onto the desktop and click OK.
The server should start. Once the server has started the clients (pc running Cimco edit and
CncCalc) should find the server automatically. You should not need to install or configure any
software on the clients.

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