Troubleshooting Installation of a SolidCAM Network Dongle
Posted by on 31 October 2019 04:51 pm

Troubleshooting Installation of a SolidCAM Network Dongle:

To troubleshoot the installation of a SolidCAM network dongle, go through the following steps:

1. Make sure that the hasp license manger is installed and running correctly on the server.
(Server = computer where dongle is connected). The hasp license manager can be
installed in two ways:

· Application. If the hasp license manager is installed as application you should
see running in windows taskbar.

· Service. If the hasp license manager is installed as a service you should see it
running in windows services: (Start->Run->msconfig->Services)

2. You need to define in each client the IP of the server. You do this using the "Nethasp.ini"
file. Please note that in case of running InventorCAM the nethasp.ini file should also be
located in the IV folder.(See
twork_Dongle.pdf for instructions )

3. Make sure that the server has a static IP address and that the clients and server can
communicate properly. You can troubleshoot this using "Aladdin Monitor" available at
this address:

The monitor utility should be installed on the client and basically what it does is indicate
in what IP addresses HASP License Managers are available. You need to make sure that
on the client computer you can see the server and that you have the right IP address
defined in the nethasp.ini file. You need the monitor only for troubleshooting.

4. If the nethasp.ini file is defined correctly and the client can recognize the server (in
Aladdin Monitor) and the software does not run you can try disabling the broadcast
parameter in the nethasp.ini file. Some networks block broadcasting and it can fail the
software. (You disable the broadcast in nethasp.ini file. "NH_USE_BROADCAST =
Disabled". Two parameters below server address.

If you follow these instructions and the software still does not run, you need to supply SolidCAM
support with the following details:
1. Dongle #
2. Nethasp.ini file
3. Screenshot of Aladdin monitor on the client.
4. Screenshot of hasp license manager.
5. CAD System (SolidWorks or Inventor)
6. Screenshot of error message.
7. Operating system platform (32 or 64 bit)

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