Updating your SolidCAM USB Key (Dongle)
Posted by on 31 October 2019 04:54 pm

Updating your SolidCAM Hardware Key

To update your SolidCAM hardware key with a remote license file, go through the following steps:

1. Make sure that your SolidCAM hardware key (with the same number in the license file) is connected
to the computer and that SolidCAM is closed.

2. Extract the zip file to any folder in your computer.

3.Load the remote update program from Start->SolidCAM->Update License (or load
“remotekeyupdate.exe” from SolidCAM util folder-> Example: C:\Program Files\SolidCAM2010\Util)

For versions before SolidCAM 2009 this exe can be found at

4. Browse for the license file (.lis)

5. After you load the license file, click the button “Perform Update”. After a few seconds a message
will pop up indicating if the update was successful or not.

6-> If the update was successful, an “operation successful” message will be displayed. If not, an error
message will be displayed.

If you were not able to update the dongle correctly, follow this link for troubleshooting:

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